Terms & Conditions

Delivery can only take place once full payment has been received

  • No refunds on gas
  • We do not sell empty cylinders
  • Empty Cylinders need to be in a good  condition. Corrosion Free, No Dents,
  • Punctures and valves need to be in working condition.
  • Please make sure someone is home for delivery, otherwise stock will be returned, and only be delivered when in your area again. We will charge an additional delivery fee.
  • When ordering an exchange bottle, an empty cylinder needs to be returned.
  • If Any cylinder is damaged, they unfortunately cannot be exchanged or refilled. This includes rusted cylinders or gas cylinders missing parts.
  • Delivery – Should there be an influx or orders due to the cold, their might be a delay in delivery however we will keep you undated.
  • We Gas products and services pricing is subject to change without notice
  • We Gas, it’s employee’s, director’s, owners, partners, associates and / or representative’s will not be held liable for any damages, loss or injuries, from whatsoever cause, resulting from the use of any products or services provided.


Limited Special Offer valid for maximum gas refill of 2 bottles, with discount on gas refill cost on 2nd bottle only. Valid for one transaction per bottle size per customer. Limited time period at sole discretion of We Gas. Limited Special Offer can be stopped at any time. Prices subject to change without notice. Only while stocks last. We Gas has right to cancel any order at sole discretion of We Gas. Limited Special Offer subject to We Gas standard terms and conditions.