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The use of LP Gas is becoming more common in households and commercial properties. With the unpredictably of electricity supply and rising electricity costs, gas provides a more cost effective and reliable solution, and is also more kind to our environment with a lower emission of greenhouse gases, has a low carbon footprint and is more energy efficient. Adherence to all safety and regulatory requirements is essential when it comes to gas. At We Gas safety is our No 1 priority.

For all your gas installation requirements, We Gas has you covered, from a new installation in your house, or to re-install an old system, or an upgrade to an existing system for your business, We Gas will get it done. Our qualified installers have the expertise you can trust. Our team is Certified and Accredited, and are registered with the Southern African Liquefied Petroleum Gas Protection Association (LPGAS). When it comes to gas installations, call We Gas, we are here to help you with all your domestic or commercial gas installation needs.

It is important to have a valid COC certificate issued by a registered person with LPGAS. Any damages to property as a result of faulty gas equipment or appliances, may cause an insurance claim to be repudiated. Faulty equipment or gas leaks may also put the safety and well being of your family and staff at risk. It is therefore necessary to effectively manage risk and make sure that any gas installation is done & maintained correctly.

A Certificate Of Compliance should be issued with all installations done by any company. At We Gas, you can rest assured that all our installations are issued with a certificate. If you do not have a COC for your current installation, we can assist you by inspecting your existing installation and issue one for you, provided that the installation is up to standard. If not, our team of qualified installers can provide a quote to rectify and make sure your installation is compliant with industry standards.

Certified and Accredited

We Gas conforms to all certification requirements relating to our products, processes and services, and are fully compliant with all related industry standards and regulations

Certified and Accredited


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Satisfying the needs and demands of our customers beyond expectation. We are committed to exceptional personal customer care and service excellence and we always go the extra mile!

Quality Guaranteed

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At We Gas, safety is our No 1 priority. All our installers are qualified with expertise you can trust. You can rest assured that the safety of your family and business is in good hands.

Reliable and Trusted

Safety No 1

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Our order and delivery process is efficient and on time for your convenience for all your bottled gas product and service requirements – Heating, Cooking, Camping, Lighting, Geysers, Generators & more.

Convenient and Hassle Free

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LP Gas Benefits

LPG is an energy-rich fuel source with a higher amount of energy per unit than other commonly used fuels. An LPG flame burns hotter, an advantage that can translate into higher efficiency.
LPG is a clean-burning fuel that is low carbon, emits virtually no black carbon and does not spill. Its use improves air quality, reduces the emission of GHGs and protects the environment.
LPG has more than 1,000 applications. It is used in transportation, in commercial business, industry, farming, domestic heating and cooking, and for recreational purposes.

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